Sentimental Files

After a nice visit together discussing goals and looking over closets, we decided to address my hardest job first. It was a double file box filled with a lifetime of records and estate settlement papers from my parents. It had been under the bed for fifteen years.
I had it on the floor since December and had attempted to sort it several times. There were things in there that created so much emotion, that I kept abandoning the project. It began to haunt me. I actually tripped over the box in the dark one night and hurt myself!
Tracey said, “Barb, we can do this, I’ll help you, let’s get started”, and we did. Tracey was beyond helpful. We had a bag for the dumpster, one for the shredder and an area for those emotional items to save. She even called several places to locate the closest available shredding service, checked the cost and procedure for me.
It was a hard job, but as we finished up, I physically and emotionally felt a beautiful wave of peace come over me. Tracey’s compassion, genuine kindness and gentle conversation throughout the afternoon was wonderful. I am looking forward to having Tracey come back and work with me again. She is efficient, a great source of problem solving solutions and a wonderful heart warming person.
I give my most sincere recommendation regarding Tracey and The Possession Cleanse assistance in reaching your organizing goals.