Closet Refresh

Tracey from the Possession Cleanse came to my house to help me organize my closet and shoes. Prior to coming over, we met me at Target where Tracey helped me by suggesting different storage ideas. One of the items we purchased was a shoe rack that she helped me put together.
When we got to my house I wasn’t really in the mood to tackle my closet, it’s something I do pretty often. I just wish I could say ‘poof’ and it would be organized and cleaned. As I stood around my bed just looking at my messy unorganized closet she said “come on Liz let’s get started”! Feeling and hearing the determination in Tracey’s voice, I then looked at my closet and WE completely emptied it. Oh boy! After seeing it all out on my bed I realized I had way to much. Too much that I wear and too much that I haven’t worn in years. Tracey helped me look at every item. The items I didn’t want she bagged, the items I kept we put on matching metal hangers, and discussed different ways to organize my closet, to better fit my life style. We also utilized my new shoe rack which made a major difference in my room. What a difference something as simple as that can make!
Tracey also helped me coordinate a couple outfits using clothes I wouldn’t necessarily pair together. It’s really fun when someone else selects your outfits with items you already own! It was a tremendous help when Tracey offered to take my many bags of gently used clothes and shoes with her to donate. If she hadn’t done that, I would still be walking over them in my room. Thank you Tracey for your help!